New Treatment Room

After a busy summer, my new clinic is up and running! Many of you have loved the new look and cosy, nurturing feel to the room. It is also quieter, and I can now make proper use of atmospheric lighting to create a relaxing ambience.

My new business address is:
The Relaxation Suite, The Limes, Broad Street, Deal. CT14 6ER. 
Tel: 07985 744 038


£10 off Welcome for new clients is back!

Discount for New Clients

It’s back!! This offer is only available for a short while so now’s the time to give Reflexology a try and see how it can help you on your path to better health and well being.

For only £35, you will receive: Full consultation, 50 mins Reflexology tailored to your needs, self help hand Reflexology tuition, and expert advice.

*(Discount only available on full treatments in the clinic until 31st May ’18)*

Mindfulness in Nature


I have just returned from a truly wonderful break in the Shropshire Hills. The first thing that hit me was the vastness of their countryside as far as the eye can see! Growing up as a child in a small village, nature was always on my doorstep and I was privaliged to have the fields and woods as my playground. As an adult I always feel a pull towards nature, but it was not until this holiday I realised my soul was needing it and I have been depriving myself. Most evenings I took myself off just to walk across the landscape and feel the immense space around me. As the week went on I felt so much more energised and happier! So much so, I wanted to share with you a few ways in which you too can incorporate the same benefits into your life.

“We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.”

Andy Goldsworthy

“Nature deficit disorder” has become an increasingly challenging problem in our hyper-modern world. We have become separated from nature in our daily busy lives of working, sedentary lifestyles sitting inside our vehicles and homes.

We are designed for outdoor living. Not only our bodies feel better for a good walk and some exercise, but our whole well-being depends on the fresh air, the space, the green nature around us, which improves our mood and brings big positive effects for our mental stamina and cognitive performance. It is also extremely nourishing for our spiritual growth. A great way to enhance your experience of connecting to nature is practising mindfulness.

The benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness a meditative practise which has been used for centuries, first by Buddhists, but now is being promoted for mental health and well-being to all ages.

Mindfulness is ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.’ (Wikipedia).

So many clients initially come to me with stress-related conditions, and mindfulness is one of my top stress-busters I recommend to aid your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

So many of us, especially in stressful times, let our worrying thoughts overtake our minds, sometimes even a self-destructive inner voice leading us down the road to depression and low self-esteem. But what if we can control our mind and thoughts, not our thoughts controlling us? With practise we can distance ourselves from our thoughts and learn to merely observe them, using greater clarity to decide whether to act on them or not.

Top places in south-east Kent to enjoy mindfulness in nature

Willow woods. Beautiful display of bluebells in the spring.
Northbourne village Park at the village hall and look for a footpath through the trees near the outdoor exercise equipment. This leads around the back fields.
Kingsdown woods.
St.Margaret’s beach, up to the Lighthouse (excellent tea rooms!)
The Pines gardens in St.Margaret’s. (tea rooms which serve Sunday roasts, and has a museum).
Sandwich Bay (start from Deal seafront, walk to sandwich along to Sandwich, then train back)
Walmer castle.
Bettshanger Park has a lovely walk around woodland and small lakes. Great for cycling. Click on the link for a map of access from north Deal-a lovely walk to the park through the fields.
The villages of Ickham and Wickembreaux near Canterbury. Lovely country pubs and the inside of the church at Ickham is lovely.
A free visit to the zoo!  Near the entrance to Howletts, tucked away you’ll find a public footpath. This cuts right through the zoo and several animals can be seen before reaching a bridge taking you up and over the elephant enclosure! You can keep walking along here, or head back and walk to Mama Feel Goods tea rooms at Chalk Pit farm.

Walmer station to Dover station via the cliffs.

This walk takes you through Hawkshill Common, a haven for rare butterflies and wild flowers on the chalky hillside. On a clear day the views across to France while you walk across the cliffs are breathtaking. Stop at Kingsdown for a tea break, or Shelley’s tea rooms or The Pines garden- the Bluebird cafe mentioned on the link is no longer open.  Take the train from Dover back to Walmer.




Top Mindfulness App:   Calm

Used by millions, this is a great way to incorporate mindfulness skills into your everyday life. From bedtime stories to aid sleep or mindfulness for children, to mindfulness tips

To discover more about mindfulness click here

Thank you! Your donations have made all the difference!

Throughout March, I welcomed new clients into the clinic for Reflexology Taster Sessions in exchange for donations to Deal’s ‘Talk It Out Group’.

Last week I met Tracy Carr, (the former Mayoress of Deal and currently the driving force behind the Mental Health Support groups in our local community), the local MP Charlie Elphicke, and the local press, as I went to hand over my fundraising money. A total of £155 raised after many hours of giving Reflexology to many feet and toes!

Over the years, Tracy has set up several support groups where people in the local community can meet together over a cuppa and quite literally ‘Talk it Out’, and offer one another support. There is now a weekly group in Sandwich, and a daily run Wellbeing café hub in a secluded room within the Landmark Centre. This also offers a private room for a voluntary counselling service, along with craft activities in the main room, form filling and computer/tech help.

As soon as I entered the room as a stranger, I was made to feel welcome by everyone, and was amazed at how open everyone was. They all had their own stories to share with me and I left feeling like a friend.

Tracy, along with her volunteers and the power of an MP behind her, is tirelessly pushing the system to get results for our community. People in desperate need contact her every evening for support as no one else will listen.

With no new funding coming, suicide rates soaring especially in young men, and social services stretched to the max with funding cuts, I know that the money I raised will be the best gift I can give back to my town.

If you would like to donate to ‘Talk it Out’, please follow the link:

Discounted Home Visits for Deal

Lots of you prefer the comforts of your own home during a treatment and as added bonus there is no drive home afterwards!

As a special treat for you, home visits are now the same price as clinic ones at £40! 

(Offer only available if you live in Deal, Walmer, Gt.Mongeham, St.Margarets, Worth or Kingsdown. Offer valid until June 1st)

FREE Taster Sessions are back!

talk-it-out-posterHave you ever thought about trying Reflexology? Or maybe had treatments in the past but looking for someone new?

Take advantage of this amazing event, where you can come along to the clinic and relax with a taster session, and discover the benefits of this wonderful holistic therapy. I have over the years helped so many people on their journey towards better health whilst reducing their stress levels, reducing pain and many other symptoms from health complaints, whilst empowering them with self-help techniques and natural health advice. Donations go to a very worthy cause-Tracy Carr’s ‘Talk It Out’ group. There is absolutely no obligation to book and there is no hard sell. I am passionate about this therapy and love to share to new people. Places go quick so book your place today to avoid disappointment.

Call or text 07985 744 038 to book you place.

Hand reflexology aiding sleep video

Are you finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep? Reflex points can also be used on your hands, and with many of my clients I encourage them to practise hand reflexology to bridge the gap between treatments. Here’s a great clip on Utube how to promote sleep:
Hand Reflexology: Sleep video. Please enjoy –

Make Reflexology part of your New Year’s Resolutions

Now is the time to manifest what we truly want in our lives… better career, more money, quality time with friends and family, or a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever you are aiming for in 2017, Reflexology is a great way cleanse yourself from old energy, aid detox, and re-balance our body, mind and soul. With many possible health benefits, and a therapist with lots of experience, why not take advantage of 20% off your first treatment? Valid on appointments until 21st January-hurry, book fast!!