Self Help Hand Reflexology tips

Regular clients will be offered the opportunity to practise Hand Reflexology as part of their individual care plan. Hand Reflexology (if practised regularly) is a great way to bridge the gap between treatments, improving the overall benefits experienced by this therapy.

If there are any new health complaints which arise whilst you are on your Reflexology journey, please feel free to take your Hand Reflexology leaflet back in the clinic and I will be happy add any further areas to your personal routine.

Click HERE for the interactive Hand Reflexology Map

right-palm left-palm

Many clients receiving regular treatments are asked to use the thumb walking technique, otherwise known as the ‘caterpillar walk’. Please see the short film below, demonstrating the proper technique.

Hand Reflexology for Stress and Tension

This short routine may be beneficial to use. Your personal reflex points given to you can be incorporated into the routine, and can be carried out on yourself.