Thank you! Your donations have made all the difference!

Throughout March, I welcomed new clients into the clinic for Reflexology Taster Sessions in exchange for donations to Deal’s ‘Talk It Out Group’.

Last week I met Tracy Carr, (the former Mayoress of Deal and currently the driving force behind the Mental Health Support groups in our local community), the local MP Charlie Elphicke, and the local press, as I went to hand over my fundraising money. A total of £155 raised after many hours of giving Reflexology to many feet and toes!

Over the years, Tracy has set up several support groups where people in the local community can meet together over a cuppa and quite literally ‘Talk it Out’, and offer one another support. There is now a weekly group in Sandwich, and a daily run Wellbeing café hub in a secluded room within the Landmark Centre. This also offers a private room for a voluntary counselling service, along with craft activities in the main room, form filling and computer/tech help.

As soon as I entered the room as a stranger, I was made to feel welcome by everyone, and was amazed at how open everyone was. They all had their own stories to share with me and I left feeling like a friend.

Tracy, along with her volunteers and the power of an MP behind her, is tirelessly pushing the system to get results for our community. People in desperate need contact her every evening for support as no one else will listen.

With no new funding coming, suicide rates soaring especially in young men, and social services stretched to the max with funding cuts, I know that the money I raised will be the best gift I can give back to my town.

If you would like to donate to ‘Talk it Out’, please follow the link:


Discounted Home Visits for Deal

Lots of you prefer the comforts of your own home during a treatment and as added bonus there is no drive home afterwards!

As a special treat for you, home visits are now the same price as clinic ones at £40! 

(Offer only available if you live in Deal, Walmer, Gt.Mongeham, St.Margarets, Worth or Kingsdown. Offer valid until June 1st)