Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology embracing Chinese Meridian13a points

This treatment incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupressure points and works along the meridian lines in the hands and arms, unblocking energy if it becomes congested or imbalanced, which if left can eventually lead to disease.

“At the heart of Chinese Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the concept of Qi. This is life force energy. It’s the energy of creation and it flows through your body just like blood circulates through your arteries and veins.” Holly Tse CMP, Traditional Chinese Reflexologist.

Working these meridian lines with this technique is especially beneficial for conditions affecting the lungs, heart, digestive system, blood pressure, nausea, the menopause, headaches/migraines and if a client needs extra calmness in their lives.

I usually combine this session with the feet, 30 mins hands, 30 mins feet in order to work all the necessary points with optimum effect.

I have had great improvements with clients combining these techniques and am excited to share these benefits with you.